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Ready To Find Your Dream Job And Career? You Are In The Right Place

Hi! I'm Kaushik Nag. I help people find jobs when they don't know how to and help them settle into their dream careers.


You'll learn about how I can help you in a moment. First, let's see if any of these apply to you.

You just learned that your job is being eliminated. You have been in the company a long time and did not need to ever work on a resume. You are not sure where to even start.

You are in a dead-end job. A promotion or another challenging opportunity does not seem likely anytime soon. You are frustrated that you are not valued and want to find other options.

You are a new student looking for your first job or someone who wants to make a career transition. You have no idea how to pitch your value to a company without having adequate experience on paper.

Does that sound like you?

NOW …..You have talked to some friends and colleagues, googled for ideas trying to figure out what to do. If you are looking for a job, you have tried creating a profile and posted it on job boards. You have started applying to job postings everywhere including LinkedIn.

But it is not working…..

You are not getting the expected response from the tons of companies you applied to.

The few who called told you that you are “overqualified” or do not have the relevant experience.

You have tried networking for jobs but are not getting any leads.


You are spending a lot of time every day searching for jobs but not seeing any returns.

You are forced to wonder…..

If there is anything wrong with your resume? How do you create one that will work? Should you have different versions of your resume?

Are the recruiters even getting your resume or it is getting filtered by the company’s Applicant Tracking System?

Is your LinkedIn profile attractive enough?

Is there a need to align your resumes with your LinkedIn profile, and how?

Are you using the right job search strings on job platforms?

How do you find out about jobs that are not advertised?

How do you network with the right people, quickly and effectively?

Should you apply to a smaller company, same industry, or a different industry, try different titles?

How should you modify your interviewing style if you are not advancing to the next round of interviews?

How should you handle the “Overqualified” or “Underqualified” comments?

How do you pitch to the interviewers the value you can bring?

How do you identify if the job is a cultural fit for you?

How do you negotiate better terms?

And also..

What to do if the job search will take longer than expected?

How do you manage your finances?

How can you learn new skills or gain experience at this time?

How do you keep your frustration under control?

What other options do you have? Where do you get information about other options?

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, know that it is not surprising because YOU DO NOT HAVE A STRATEGY AND A PLAN!

You are doing everything you can but are not getting the results you are expecting – not only is it frustrating but is also getting worrisome as you want to go back to enjoying your lifestyle and make the money that you want to make. You know you can add so much value to companies but don’t know how to get noticed and hired.




The good news is that you've already been experimenting and trying a lot of new things which you did not have to do earlier. Something they did not teach you at school. You have a better idea now of what is working and what is not.

The bad news is that you're working really hard and don't have much to show for it. You are trying to go from point A to B in a new territory without a map and guide. You will eventually get there on your own but the question is – can you afford to wait that long or would rather have someone hold your hands and take you through a step-by-step process to get to your destination faster.

Let us be honest....

Even though you are an expert in your line of work, you may NOT be in the art and science of finding a job or planning your career. So you are trying to do your best but it is not effective.

After all, you may not have ever marketed yourself and don't know how to.

So this might be becoming a little overwhelming as well.

But you can get results right now…

All you need is the right coach pushing you in the right direction so that..

·       You can quickly find the job you are looking for.

·       Increase your chances of getting a response from the recruiters.

·       Impress the interviewer(s) with the value you can bring to their company and handle their objections.

·       Build and execute a strategy to advance your career immediately.

“Imagine being able to sleep well at night knowing that you have a GUIDE with a clear MAP to walk you through your Job Search and Career Planning



My expertise is in helping people find jobs when they need one and to prepare them for career advancement or transition.

So if you're struggling to figure out how and where to look for jobs, apply to jobs, network with people effectively, create your resume and personal brand, position yourself well with interviewers, impress them with the value you can bring, handle their objections, and eventually get hired over other candidates you are competing with, I can help you.

I can also help you if you want to transition to a different career or seek a promotion or other responsibility in your own organization by sharing with you a structured step by step development plan and strategy.


But you might be thinking – who am I to say all of this?


You possibly have already found out through your online research that there are a lot of people and companies offering Resume Writing and Interview Preparation services and they all claim to be able to help you if you invest in thier services.






Not just because I have personally been in your position multiple times in my career and have firsthand experience of watching and helping hundreds of my colleagues through these struggles globally.

Also not because I have helped thousands of job seekers and others globally in finding jobs as well as in developing and excelling in their careers OR have conducted hundreds of workshops globally for job seekers to teach job search techniques OR because I serve on boards of multiple Universities, Talent and Non- Profit organizations to help job seekers and employers find each other.





I have been a Human Resource and Recruiting executive for Fortune 500, Forbes 50 and startups for the past 30 years leading teams of 50 plus recruiters globally to hire thousands of people across industries, roles, levels, and skills AND have implemented multiple Applicant Tracking Systems in companies of all sizes and understand how their algorithms work, how they filter resumes and know what YOU should do as a candidate to beat the system. You can check my LinkedIn profile here.

I can coach you about how the recruiters and hiring managers think and what they look for, as I have trained hundreds of them on how to source and screen candidates.

I can help you analyze the interviewer’s style and how to impress them with your brand because of my expertise in multiple behavioral science disciplines such as Body Language, Neuro Linguistics Programming and Social Psychology.

I can share with you where the recruiters are looking for candidates outside of the regular job boards so you can reach out to them directly.

I can teach you how to “CREATE and SELL” your personal brand as I have extensive experience leading sales teams.

As a former Chief Human Resources Officer, I know exactly how the corporate world works and how careers within companies are made or broken.


People I have coached work for some of the most well-respected companies and are doing exceedingly well in their careers.


And yes..

When YOU learn MY Step-by-Step process to take control of your job search and your career, you will be amazed at the results you get and how you are going to be head and shoulders above other candidates.


Before you contact me for a free consultation, please familiarize yourself with the landscape you are competing in by downloading my free guide, "10 Ways To Supercharge Your Job Search" below:

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