Managing Change in Organizations
What happens to People in organizations when there is change?
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Organizations have to evolve and change to stay relevant.

But change is not going to happen unless people are on board.

People have emotions and they react in different ways.

They may not always want to change unless they are "Motivated" and are "Able" to.

But even then it boils down to "Behaviors" and "Habits" that are difficult to change and sustain.

The traditional methods of Communication and training do not work.

We help organizations identify, modify and sustain the required behaviors for lasting change.

So how specifically we help Organizations to get people on board?


Worldview, Beliefs, Concerns


Cognition, Reactions, Emotions, Behaviors


Provide resources, Create Motivation and Ability, Transition to desired behaviors


Track  behavior, get feedback Sustain behavior and maintain new habits and beliefs until it becomes autonomous

How do you engage with us

You can engage with us in 3 different ways:

- Training and Workshop

- Building capability as a strategic partner on a project basis

- Consulting on specific initiatives 

Why me?

Here are my credentials:

- Created the Global Change Management Practice at a Global $9B organization from scratch, built the in-house capability, trained hundreds of business leaders across the globe and provided Change Management consulting on enterprise projects across all functions and markets.

- Successfully led huge Global Change Transformation projects over the past 30 years

- Behavioral Investigator, Change Work practitioner, Life, and Career Coach, Mentor 


-  Expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Handwriting Analysis, Body Language, Metaprograms and Changeology