Businesses HIRE US to GET

RESULTS by building the in-house

capability to initiate and sustain CHANGE

Human Capital is one of the most important assets in any organization. However, even unlocking its true potential and deploying it effectively does not make organizations successful. This is because organizations today operate in an ever-changing environment and need to get their employees to constantly adapt, change and sustain their behaviors – which is difficult as given an option most of them would not.

That is where we come in. With more than 35 years of business experience in taking companies through transformation by building the necessary infrastructure, capability, processes, and employee behaviors required for change, we are able to consistently deliver value to companies across different industries through training leaders, change practitioners, employees, and build in house Change Management capability.

Here are some examples of how our work has impacted business results for global companies. 

Industry: Consumer Products

Problem: High potential in the country, huge growth in competitor business but declining market share and revenue for the client. 

Solution: Recreating Human Capital Strategy in line keeping the customer in mind, building agile capability, implementing innovative customer focussed interventions while taking the employees through these changes.

Value creation: Doubling of revenue in 3 years. Employee turnover down by 50%. Significant increase in profitability

Industry – Manufacturing

Problem: Large Manufacturing company spending more than $120M on hiring contingent labor across multiple categories, with spend going up year after year.

Solution: Changing stakeholder mindset to agree to changes in the labor ordering process, financial processes, governance processes, application of Human Resource Planning, supplier rationalization, innovative ways to introduce competition amongst suppliers, and Bill rate and Mark up negotiations 

Value creation: Labor spend reduction by $40M 

Industry: Staffing

Problem: A $100M staffing company on the growth mode having issues with scaling operations because of the high cost of HR and staffing operations  

Solution: Creation of offshore infrastructure, transitioning processes and building capability 

Value creation: Staffing cost down by 60%, allowing for the hiring of additional headcount and scaling the business up within 2 years

Industry: Health and Beauty

Problem: Global company needs to go through huge transformation worldwide across multiple regions and markets

Solution: Understanding the scope and scale of transformation and its complexity, creating an enterprise-wide framework, building capability across all levels of leadership through workshops, providing consulting support on key initiatives, and guiding through execution 

Value creation: Saved more than $10m in Consulting cost. Trained more than 150 Change Practitioners globally. Seamless adoption of changes allowed the company to transform seamlessly with minimal disruption and employee turnover

Industry: Manufacturing

Problem: Employee healthcare costs going up year after year 

Solution: Employee education and engagement strategies to teach a consumer mindset, implementing preventive and focused interventions in specific areas identified through deep analysis 

Value creation: $5m YOY cost reduction. Cost significantly below the industry benchmark

Industry: Financial 

Problem: A $3bn publicly listed company on the growth mode wanting to double its workforce by hiring more than 3000 people in one year in a highly demanding market while building a professional and strategic Talent Acquisition infrastructure.   

Solution: Overhauling its sourcing and recruitment infrastructure, introducing tools and technology and building capability. 

Value creation: Hired 5200 resources in 12 months to increase the company’s business revenue by grabbing the unique business growth opportunity offered by market conditions.

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