Walk towards your future with motivation and full confidence in your abilities

Personal Change may be challenging but is within reach with guided behavior interventions

First – Why do you find it hard to change?

  • We as human beings are complex.  Our behaviors are a product of multiple neurological and psychological processes that we have learned over a long period because of our upbringing and experiences.
  • We subconsciously form habits or patterns of behavior that allow us to put things on autopilot.
  • We keep doing things without thinking as they are familiar and comfortable.
  • Change is hard because either we do not know that our behavior is patterned and/or we do not know how to change. 

Also – One size does not fit all!

Our proprietary “RealityChange Toolkit” includes a Personal Change model and offers you simple but structured step by step processes and tools to seamlessly take you through the changes you need to make.

This approach draws from multiple Psychological & Behavioral tools and methodologies and disciplines such as Change Management, Changeology, “Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clean language, Hypnotherapy, Handwriting Analysis and therapy, Science of Influence and Persuasion, Buddhist Tetralemma, Coaching and Body language” to create a customized and individualistic change plan and roadmap for you that is extremely effective in helping you reach your goals quickly.

How can I learn to change successfully?

First, you will learn what you need in order to be successful and what is holding you back,  then with the help of guided sessions remove the past mental baggage and acquire all the motivation, confidence, and resources needed to make required sustainable changes.

What are the habits that hold people back
Learn how to accomplish your goals


Knowledge is power

Sometimes we know what is holding us back but most of the time we don’t.

Our deep rooted psycho somatic issues, fears, anxieties, habits and worries cause us to behave in certain autonomous ways and stop us from being able to accomplish what we want. 

The first step in changing for the better is acquiring this knowledge.

We help you learn what is holding you back personally and professionally so that you know what you need to work on.

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Knowing what to do to grow in your career


What do I need to be successful in my career or change my career?

  • Do you feel like you are at a dead end in your career, not being noticed or recognized? 
  • Do you need new soft skills to advance in your career but don’t know what and how?
  • Are you wanting to switch your job/career and not getting any response from prospective employers?

With more than 35 years of specialization in Global Leadership and Hiring roles, we can tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve your professional goals in a customized step-by-step way.

Thousands of people from all over the world have taken advantage of our guidance in the areas of confidence-building, personal branding, and career coaching. You can too!

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Get rid of fears, anxieties and worries and learn new behaviors for success and growth

Now that you know what is holding you back, you can  work with us to:

Follow a step by step process to embark on the journey of growth through Personal change.

See, Feel and Hear about how this change is positively impacting you

Become well-versed at handling future issues on your own automatically whenever and wherever they arise.

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Helping employees change is the key to transforming organizations


How do I get other people to and through change?

  • Do you want a loved one to do something different or change for the better?
  • Do you want to influence others and persuade them to do things even if you have no authority over them?

Getting others to change is not easy and needs to be managed strategically.

With the behavioral, leadership and organizational transformation background and experience leading thousands of individuals across the globe through change, we are uniquely poised to guide you with strategies and tools that you can apply in every situation involving others – personal or professional, large or small, simple or complex.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


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